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What is Fresh Equities?

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What is Fresh Equities?

Fresh Equities aggregates access to public capital raises in one place, lowering friction and making it easier for everyone.

What we do

Fresh Equities provides access to listed capital raises for institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals. We participate in more than 400 transactions a year across all sectors and sizes, offering investors more choice and issuers greater awareness.

The most common method of raising capital for ASX companies is to issue new shares to sophisticated and professional investors through a placement. These transactions allow the company to raise money quickly and to a targeted group. For investors, this is often an opportunity to establish a position in a company at a discount to the market price.

Fresh Equities aggregates access to these public capital raises in one place, lowering friction and making it easier for investors and companies.

How we are different

We saw an endless number of quality, engaged investors missing out on offers because they were on the wrong list on the right day. There are high-conviction investors in the market for every company, but they don’t always have the right networks.

There are around 800 placements that take place every year, run by more than 135 different brokers. It used to be almost impossible to gain access to all of them. Fresh Equities offers access to more than 60% of these offers for all eligible investors regardless of their existing broker relationships (or lack thereof) through a fair, transparent and free process.

As we are uniquely focused on deal flow and not involved in brokerage, leading corporate activity or research, this allows us to work with all market participants equally. 

Fresh is always looking out for the interests of its investors and therefore does not take any positions in the deals that we get access to - the allocation we receive from the deal is fully passed on to our investors.

A good allocation for you, is a good allocation for us.

Why use Fresh?

More access, no more accounts. Use your existing brokerage account - full service or online - to settle offers accessed through Fresh.

Fair access and allocation. We publish our access and allocation policy and stick to it - you will never have to wonder if you’re being treated fairly at Fresh, because you always are. 

Bid like an institutional investor. We work directly with the broker or company to submit bids, which are pooled together as a single line item. Bids made through Fresh Equities are recognised as a fund rather than an individual investor, this improves their weighting and likelihood of allocation.

We are always on your side. Leave it to us to connect you with the companies you care about. We will be there to make sure you are on the right list at the right time.

Be part of something. Investing in a capital raise means your money is going directly to the company and helping to fuel their growth. 

Manage your bids. Shortly after the deal closes you will be notified of your allocation, this also includes settlement and payment instructions. Most of the time you will be able to settle directly into your preferred HIN/SRN. You can monitor the status of your bids and update bidding details at anytime through the platform. 

Become a client!

Our platform allows you to verify and bid for a capital raise in minutes. No lengthy on-boarding process, no separate HIN, no new brokerage account. 

Click here to learn more about the account opening process.

Click here to go straight to creating an account and start bidding with Fresh!

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