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How to get started with Fresh Equities

A guide to getting set up and ready to bid with Fresh.

Completing your account setup allows you to view term sheets and bid straight away. We do not have a brokerage relationship with investors or charge any fees.

Create an Account

Step 1 : Personal Information

Basic details that help us personalise your experience with Fresh Equities - name, email address and contact number.

Step 2: Identity Verification

As part of the checks required to process bids and share information with you, we digitally verify your identity. This only takes a few minutes and requires a driver's license or passport. 

Step 3: Investor Status Check

To view term sheets and bid via the platform you will need to verify your investor status. The offers we participate in are made without a disclosure document and are regulated by section 708 of the Corporations Act. According to these rules, we are only able to deal with Wholesale investors.

Who can use Fresh Equities?

Step 4: Bidding Entity Add at least one Bidding Entity to be ready for your first bid, this will be re-confirmed with you before the bid goes firm. N.B: bidding entities can be updated at anytime via the Profile section.

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