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How to find & stay up-to-date with offers

Using the Platform

Last updated 3 years ago

How to find & stay up-to-date with offers

Make sure you never miss an ASX capital raise.


Fresh covers all ASX capital raises that are open to external bids. Irrespective of size, broker, company or existing demand our aim is to provide full access to the market. 

Raises page

Fresh Equities offers Australia’s best access to over 400 listed capital raises a year for institutions, family offices and high net worth clients. Fresh investors can participate in Placements and Shortfall Offers as well as Express Interest for announced capital raises.

Fresh investors are able to filter their interests on the Raises Page by Raise Type and Status.

Live Raises

Here is where you will find all capital raises Fresh gains access to!

Once we have been granted access to a placement or shortfall bidding, Fresh investors are able to submit their bids through an easy two-step process.

Learn more about the bidding process here.

Offers remain here until they have been completed and announced to the market.

Offers Pending Access

As soon as any company enters a trading halt and is confirmed to be raising capital, it will appear on the raises page as 'Pending Access'. 

Trading halt: Typically enacted in anticipation of a news announcement, a trading halt is a temporary suspension of trading so that the company can inform the market and correct an information imbalance.

When an offer is pending access, Fresh investors are able to submit an Expression of Interest. Expressing interest is not a firm commitment, it simply registers your interest in the company and you will be the first to know when this offer goes live via an email and push notification on the Fresh App (download here if you haven’t already)! Expressing interest helps us when reaching out to a company and/or lead manager to gain access to an offer as we can reference our existing interest in the offer.

Learn more about expressing interest here.

Recently Closed Offers

This is where you will find offers that have recently closed. These include offers that Fresh has had access and allocation in.

Offers remain here until they have been completed and announced to the market.

Bidding Unavailable

This includes offers that our corporate team have communicated with the company or lead manager and have been notified that bidding is unavailable. This can be for a number of reasons including that they are not accepting external bidders, the transaction is not a placement that is open to sophisticated investors, the offer was fully subscribed prior to the trading halt etc.

Offers remain here until they have been completed and announced to the market.

Search the full ASX Capital Raise History here.

If you can’t see a company that you like or have any queries about companies raising capital, then please reach out to our corporate team at or (03) 9661 0441.

Other ways to stay up-to-date...

Become a client!

Click here to learn more about the account opening process.

Click here to go straight to creating an account and start bidding with Fresh!

Click here to see what are the live offers on Fresh at the moment.

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Fresh Equities connects investors with listed companies raising capital

We provide comprehensive access to listed capital raises for institutional, family office and high net worth investors.

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