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A dual listed company is a company that is listed two exchanges and can be traded on both.
An IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is a public offering of shares in a private company, allowing the company’s stock to be bought and sold on the market by individual investors. 
Australian shares can be held and managed in three ways: CHESS Sponsored with Broker (HIN), Issuer Sponsored with Share Registry (SRN) and through a Nominee model.
The three most common types of analysis undertaken by investors to estimate the risk and expected return of stocks are fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis.
The different types of ways that companies undergo equity capital raises and how Fresh gets involved. 
A capital raise is when companies approach investors to provide additional capital to the business in the form of either debt or equity.
Everything you need to know about why offers might close early.
An offer letter is a formal invitation to purchase securities in a capital raising.
For investors participating in placements it's important to understand when information and shares will hit the market. 
Wall-crossing is used to collect early interest for capital raises. It is important that investors understand the obligations of this process before entering into an agreement.
When looking at a resource company investors should take note of what stage of development their projects are at. Each stage suggests a different level of risk, required funding and future action.
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