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What is Manual/EFT Settlement?

Everything you need to know about Manual Settlement of ASX capital raises.

What is Manual or EFT Settlement?

Manual or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is a common settlement method where an investor electronically transfers money directly to a company or its designated account. In return, the company will instruct their share registry to allocate the investors newly issued shares.

Example: Manual/EFT Settlement

(note: this example is meant to be illustrative only and may change depending on the deal and your bidding entity details).

  1. Investor receives an offer letter with payment details from Fresh Equities

  2. Investor signs the offer letter and organises a bank payment transfer as per the instructions and deadlines outlined in the offer letterĀ 

  3. On allotment day the shares will be allocated to the nominated brokerage account

For more questions or concerns around manual settlement at Fresh please contact

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