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What happens during Allocation & Settlement?

Understanding allocation & settlement options for ASX capital raises on Fresh Equities.


Here at Fresh, it our goal to create a fair playing field for all our investors. We do not believe in selective distribution or preferential allocations. As a result, we always allocate pro-rata to our clients. In practice this means that shares are distributed in an equally proportionate manner to each investor's firm and final bid in the book. For example, if your bid represents 20% of the total Fresh Equities bid into an offer, you will receive 20% of our allocation.


Fresh enables and prepares you to settle simply and efficiently through both traditional methods of settlement: 

  1. Manual/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Settlement

  2. Delivery versus Payment (DVP) Settlement

The chosen method used on a specific deal is determined on a deal by deal basis by the company or leading broker. 

Click here to find out what Manual/EFT settlement is and how it works at Fresh.

Click here to find out what DvP settlement is and how it works at Fresh.

For more information around allocation or settlement please reach out at

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