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Investor Led Offers

Help start a raise, get better allocation, and back companies you care about.

What is an Investor led offer?

Ever wanted to kick off a raise for a company you like? Or saw a company you knew would be raising soon, but didn't know how to get involved?

Now you can with investor led offers. The goal here is to be early, and with the power of a group. The bigger the better. We don't need to fill an entire raise, but by submitting early interest to a company we have proved that you can get better access, and better allocation. 

Recent successful offers

Gold Explorer

Total Raised: $500.0k

Market Cap: $11.0m

Our Cornerstone: $500.0k

Discount: 25%


Total Raised: $8.4m

Market Cap: $51.0m

Our Cornerstone: $2.0m

Discount: 26%

Gold Explorer

Total Raised: $10.0m

Market Cap: $79.0m

Our Cornerstone: $900.0k

Discount: 7%

How it works

1. Build or join

If a company you like is listed, join the offer; otherwise start your own. Pricing is indicative and non-binding.

2. Share

Momentum creates deals. Offers expire 10 days after the last EOI. So share it with your network - their interest will send it back to the top and add 10 days.

3. Submit to company

The interest allows us to present an offer to the company. We coordinate with them and their broker to start a raise with our offer as a cornerstone.

4. Initiate capital raise

Once a raise is confirmed you are given the option to convert your expression of interest into a firm bid.

Get Started

Offers are available for s708 (sophisticated) and professional investors. Become a Fresh Equities client today to join in.

Please contact the Deals Team for more information at (03) 9028 2888 or

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