Fresh Equities

Fresh helps individual investors have the same knowledge of, and access to public capital raises as institutional investors.

Why did We Start Fresh?

With 800 deals a year, being run by 135 different lead brokers, just in Australia, it is near impossible to make sure you always have access to the deals you care about.

We believe that the market works better when everyone has the same knowledge and access. Fresh is making the public market more transparent and more accessible, so that investors are never left out.

Making Deal Access Easy

We are bringing together access to public market placements in one place, lowering friction and making it easier for everyone.

Fresh is the world's first broker-agnostic desk. We aggregate knowledge and access to placements and give our investors access to the deals they want, when they want them. Our platform allows you to verify and bid for a capital raise in minutes. Simple on-boarding process, no new brokerage account and allocation to your preferred HIN.

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Our Achievements